The Youth Program Committee consists of 16 adults nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting, as well as the Young Friends Clerks and two Young Friends appointed by the Young Friends Business Meeting. The Youth Secretary and the Junior Young Friends Coordinators (if appointed) are ex-officio members.

The Youth Programs Committee oversees and coordinates all Yearly Meeting youth programs—for junior high/middle school and high school youth, with the exception of the Camping Program and Junior Yearly Meeting. It provides advice and support for the Youth Secretary. To this end the Committee does the following: provides a Designated Friendly Adult Presence (FAP) for every Young Friends and Junior Young Friends conference; recruits, trains, evaluates and mentors adults in the Yearly Meeting who have a leading to work with our programs; supports the Youth Secretary in coordinating and communicating with Junior Yearly Meet

The Young Friends Yearly Meeting Planners serve on the Program Committee. The Young Friends Executive Committee is nominated and appointed by the Young Friends Business Meeting. To encourage youth to take an active part in the affairs of the Yearly Meeting, the Young Friends Executive Committee Clerk is expected to participate in Interim Meeting. Details of the procedures of the Young Friends Executive Committee and Young Friends Conferences can be found in the Young Friends Handbook, available from Baltimore Yearly Meeting.