Interchange – Fall 2010

Youth Program News

As you all hopefully know, Baltimore Yearly Meeting provides opportunities for your children to gather during the school year. I am the Youth Secretary, and I facilitate weekend ‘conferences’ for 6th-8th graders, whom we call Junior Young Friends (JYFs), and 9th -12th graders, whom we call Young Friends (YFs). They are a fun way to see friends from camp or Annual Session, make new friends, and retreat from the pressures of teenage life, while still developing skills around living in community and having a lot of fun.

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Advance Report – 2010

This year has been a joyous one for the Youth Programs Committee (YPC). Alison Duncan served her first full year as Youth Secretary; we expanded our Friendly Adult Presence (FAP) training program; and the youth of our Yearly Meeting once again demonstrated enormous commitment to the program and its governance. Although we still feel ourselves under the weight of concerns from the rest of the Yearly Meeting, we know we must be doing something right! Continue reading

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Visioning Report

1) Looking at your committee description in the BYM Manual of Procedure: What is the most meaningful, enduring or vital part of your committee’s charge? Where is the energy, the Spirit, in it?

YPC’s description describes many of the tasks for which the committee is responsible. While we willingly and lovingly carry out these tasks, this is only part of what we do.

A vital part of the mission of YPC is to help Quaker Youth grow in the light, be centered in their lives, and empower them to live Quaker values in a world often at odds with those values. We see our role/mission as creating space and opportunity for our youth to find their own voices and spirituality and to share Quaker values. We create an ongoing program of conferences where Quaker youth can form community based on caring, trust, and love. To this end, we provide ongoing religious education. We impart our values and support our youth and ourselves to become and live our values. Our work is that of matching gifts and engaging the right people. We recognize the gifts within our youth and within each other and we nurture those gifts. Youth are the future of our Yearly Meeting. We provide programs to support and address growth among our young people. Continue reading

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Interchange – Winter 2010

Youth Parents’ Conference Coming!

Announcing… a conference for parents of teenagers! At last, you will get an inside peak at what makes a Junior or Young Friends conference special. Join us at Catoctin Quaker Camp from June 11 to 13 for community, fun, and spiritual nurture. During this weekend, you can meet the parents of your child’s friends from conferences, prepare for your pre-teen’s upcoming transformation, or learn methods to access your current teen. Come to network with other parents about what they do, and learn from our highly experienced workshop leaders. Continue reading

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